Passing Down Generational Wisdom

When we knew nothing else, our ancestors knew which herbs to use for healing the mind, body, and spirit. This special connection that they had with the Earth, allowed them to heal so many in their lives. Oyegini wants to continue on that tradition of making sure that the knowledge of herbs is passed down from one generation the next.

Love Notes

Let me just say I like the "bite" that it gives. I took one dropperful under my tongue and was like hmmm & did another one. I like it!

Wildfire Herbal Tonic

Mia; Mutha Mystic

I'm trying a of tonics, syrups, vitamins, and anything to stay healthy while teaching in-person second grade this Fall. This Tonic is so delicious!

Beth ; 2nd Grade Teacher

I've purchased her Elderberry syrup. Amazing! The packaging is amazing and and the items were packaged with care.

Glenda H.

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