Deconstructed Hash Browns

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Deconstructed Hash Browns

Deconstructed Hash Browns - Air Fryer

Vegan hashbrowns

One Sweet Potato (shredded)
Four Potatoes (shredded)
Four Small Banana Peppers (sliced)
One Green Pepper (diced)
Two Cloves of Garlic
Half an White Onion (diced)
Abstract Spice
Olive oil

Use a shredder to shred up potatoes and sweet potato. Set aside and slice up garlic, onion, and peppers.

Mix potatoes and vegetables in large bowl. Add in oil and mix. Add in Abstract Spice and mix.

Grab air fryer and place a thin layer of hash brown mixture and set to Fry Setting or 356 degrees F/ 180 degrees C for 9-12 minutes.

Once desired crisp has been achieved, transfer to a plate and serve!