Meet The Founder

About Oyegini

Oyegini is your favorite online organic and herbal remedies herb shop that empowers black women to experience freedom from yo-yo dieting by offering safe and natural herbal remedy products. When it comes to losing weight, Oyegini’s products target the bodies ability to burn fat, reduce water retention, and support immune health. Oyegini does this by sourcing out the highest quality fresh and organic herbs from around the world.

About The Founder

I’m Tambria and I have been an herbalist for over nine years. I have been able to educate black women all across the world with my knowledge of traditional herbs. It has been my passion to open my own herb shop and provide organic natural remedies to black women. Having educated black women on living a healthier and happier lifestyle through the use of herbs, I have been able to host workshops, be featured in a local magazine, and meet so many black women who's lives have been changed by incorporating herbs into their lives.

Fun Facts:

  • Favorite Herbs: Dandelion Root & Oatstraw
  • Favorite Novels: The Coldest Winter Ever & Midnight

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